What we do

3 storey new dwelling

We offer a complete project design service which involves coordinating all the documentation requirements needed to gain construction approval for your project on time and within budget.

There are many complexities involved with the design, documentation & certification of a building project which can make the process daunting to many, that's why we make sure that this process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, producing easily understandable, concise plans which clearly show the detail required to produce a beautiful home.

Below is a list of the types of residential projects we can assist you with.

New Homes

Renovations & Extensions

Dual Living, Duplexes & Granny Flats


Decks, Patios & Carports

What's Involved


Site visit/ initial consultation

Whether its a new home, extension or renovation, a site visit is important in order to understand the context of the project and establish exactly what your requirements and expectations are, and it's generally the starting point for most projects. Its from this initial meeting that a fee proposal or quote will be prepared for your approval.

Initial design & preliminaries

After establishing the requirements for the project and once all the necessary information has been gathered the initial design concept is prepared and will form the basis for further discussion and refinement of the design. Depending on the project the level of detail at this stage is minimal but will include:

- Site plan and site analysis to highlight the use of the site and the footprint of the project

- Floor plans to describe the layout and configuration of the design

- Elevations to show the form and aesthetic style of the design

- 3D views to further help describe the look and aesthetics of the design

Design development & DA

During this stage the design is amended and refined based on your feedback, until the desired outcome is achieved. It is helpful to start getting your builder involved at this stage as they can provide valuable feedback on costs.

Once the desired outcome is achieved the plans and necessary documentation is submitted for Development approval (if necessary).

Construction documentation

At this point all the necessary detail required to build your project is drawn up and where consultants are required their services and drawings are also coordinated and then incorporated into the construction documentation.

Building approval/ Construction certificate

With the construction documentation completed obtaining building approval or a construction certificate is required before any work can commence on your project. We can assist you and your builder with providing all the information the certifier/ council need to ensure this process is as smooth and hassle free as possible and to ensure your project starts as soon as possible.